A gig with Paloma Faith

Sep 1, 2018 | Live Music, Personal Branding, Thoughts

Paloma Faith played at the York Racecourse a few weeks back and I love how after a flutter on the horses I can enjoy some really great music. Especially if I go early and bag a spot right at the front by the barriers .. I love taking portraits of people doing what they love. This is very applicable to singers and musicians as they perform for us, I have an affinity with fellow artists to share a piece of themselves, their dreams & talents with us to enjoy.

The afternoon gig was amazing, hot summer sun and a performance with one of the singers I love to hear .. mouthing along with the words as I listen to her singing. I adore live music because it’s done for us right now for our enjoyment, the same with theatre when I’m able to go.

While the press photographers have to leave the pit in front of the stage, with my long lens I can zoom in and capture her portrait doing what she loves. At that distance, it can be quite tricky as she’s one of the more active singers moving across the entire range of the stage. My favourite kind of artist as you get a full performance and entertainment along with an amazing voice. Enough gushing!

A long lens means more movement and shake, combined with an expressive face it makes for a tricky time to capture a beautiful expression. So when people ask to see all the photos .. no, you’ll never see them all! Who on earth wants to see all the derpy expressions our faces pull between the beautiful ones. The shapes our mouths make when shaping words are not always so flattering!

If you are a singer, music, artist and want to have promotional material to share of you doing what you love, be in touch.