A quick selfie in the York Knavesmire Woods.

It’s fathers day today and after saying ‘bye for now’ to my folks I realised that I’d taken my camera gear with me to take some photos of the three of us and ended up taking selfies on their phone, so I don’t even have one for me!! That was a bit of a family portrait fail on my behalf .. I want to capture these portraits so that I can keep them as my memories into the future. They won’t escape so easily next time!

So instead I decided on my way home to go for a half hour play with my recently spruced up Fuji, meaning I sent it to be cleaned up and have a new ‘coat’ put on as the old surface was peeling away. I wanted to test it before putting it through its paces on a paid job! In my minimum kit with lighting, I have one light with its stand, one mini softbox, one remote flash trigger, one camera, one tripod and my phone to take the photo. It’s so much harder to pose for yourself when doing a self-portrait as it was so dark I couldn’t see what on earth my expression was doing while I used my phone to tell the camera to take the photo .. was it resting bitch face or just relaxed? Trying to portray relaxed confidence but I feel I look a bit smug maybe?! Still, it was good to get out and take a photo.

So I’m happy enough with this portrait of me in my favourite jumper but happier that I had the courage to speak to a couple of strangers to ask if they’d consider being my subjects. I’ve emailed their photos in thanks for being my subjects while I was testing my equipment and hope they let me share their ‘just been for a walk’ york portrait that I took.



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