Hi, I’m Cathie.

This is what I stand for

Being Bold,
& Ourselves.

We are all so many many perspectives of ourselves, in relation to others: Daughter; Mother; Friend; Wife. But. It’s who we are for ourselves that I love to capture most, it’s the quiet moments that are just for us.

we are more than one dimensional

This is also .. me!

Flirty & mysterious
being a boss!

Little things we might share

What I love.


That cinematic look.


That cinematic look.

I specialise in colour grading, colour is emotions and sets a scene of feeling. Almost all of my work is colour graded and gives it an artistic look.

A selfie.

To remember myself at this point in time, to remember events and friends I’m with. Or play acting and goofing around trying out different styles of myself.

Photos of my family.

I really enjoy seeing photos from my family, those crinkly old black and whites. Seeing my folks in their twenties and loving them in their sixties. 

Three reasons

Why choose me?

I shoot from my emotions

During events, anything that makes me feel, I shoot. That smile someone beams, the crowd going wild, a person achieving their dreams, someone having all the feels .. these are moments I love to capture.

I craft with light

One of the skills I’ve worked very hard on is seeing ‘light’, using natural light to its best advantage and then using my lighting kit to amplify it, or shape light entirely of my own creation.

I understand our physical reservations

We all have bits of our bodies we love, then there are bits we don’t want to highlight. With some coaching I can guide you to shape those awkward bits away and help you love yourself in photos.

Most importantly ..

every photoshoot is about you.


So what happens now?

You send in an enquiry to book a photoshoot.

We have a consultation & put down a deposit.

We relax & have a photoshoot.

You receive a digital gallery or an in person preview with final payment.

So take that first step.