Hello I’m Cathie

Jan 20, 2018 | General

Hello, I’m Cathie Heart a portrait photographer based in York. I’ve been many different kinds of photographer over the years in terms of the photography I do and love. I’ve always loved capturing people, who they are, moments in their lives and I’m coming back to that passion and relaunching my photography business specifically for portraits. All kinds of portraits.

There are portraits of individuals who want to cherish who they are right now. These can be traditional, contemporary, fine art or popular culture, I want to capture you in a style that you love.

Personal branding portraits are about you but mostly about how you want the world to know who you are. How you represent yourself online, for dating, for business, for networking or just simply saying ‘This is me!’ and then you say: “Hello”.

Lastly, there are portraits for business, otherwise known as headshots. Similar to personal branding but a more formal representation of you. So that people trust you when they see your face online, no matter where it is online that they find you, they will know instinctively if you are a banker, lawyer, artist, dentist .. marine expert or any other kind of business person out there. Headshots are a very constructed way of presenting yourself to the world, which can also be partly mixed with personal branding to give a softer more approachable side as well.

So I’m here to help you make a mark on the world, with your presence and face online and offline in the real world. You have two seconds to make an impression and only once chance to do so, make it count.

This is me.