Highlights from 4 years of L Fest

Apr 8, 2019 | Commercial Photography, Live Music

I have been an official L Fest photographer for the last four years and it’s changed my life, I have more friends, chosen family and fun amongst hundreds of women attending the UK’s only lesbian festival. This is a festival that supports the freedom of lesbians, bisexual and transgender women to have fun in an inclusive space and I have an absolute blast photographing the whole lot. From the ecstatic face screaming along with their favourite artist, to a quiet hug between partners, raving at the silent disco and being serenaded during lunch. This festival that I work at means my step-daughter got to see her favourite artist close up and meet her while I took Lucy Spraggans portrait. I’ve met and got the chance to photograph many famous artists who I would never have met without L Fest.

This festival for women is truly an amazing space where I can be totally myself, quirky and free. Here’s a snapshot of me with ‘Pink’ after her set on stage .. totally forgot I was on stage in beard and glitter while doing photography, being daft as ever! Did I care? Nope, did anyone else care or make any comment other than positive .. nope.

Dressed up as a pop icon for theme night, anyone guess I’m Peaches, even in my staff t shirt?!

I adore being a festival photographer, especially for womens festivals. Especially when Vicky Jackson as Pink called for someone to strip her out of her overcoat .. no one has ever seen me move so fast from the front press pit onto the stage!!

So here’s to the many many memories I’ve made while making commercial stories in photos to share the joy that L Fest gives to the LBT community.