When you’ve always wanted a portrait with your pet, but …

Nov 6, 2019 | Heritage Portrait York, Thoughts

When you’ve always wanted a portrait with your pet, but … your cat has other ideas! I was doing a new headshot portrait shoot for myself to ask my friends online which glasses they thought looked best on me, pink rounds like you’ll see in the photos below or the classic rimless look I’ve rocked for nearly the last two decades. Voting on the glasses was split 50 / 50 but that is by the by. This post is about me and the family cat, Miss Fliss.

I was doing portraits for me (testing what my huge gold reflector would look like as a background) and it came close to 4 pm when Miss Fliss wants to be fed, usually a whole two hours before her actual dinner time of 6 pm. I got up from the cat scratch post I was borrowing to sit on (glamorous I know) she immediately did her scratching routine and then sat on it. I was fascinated, I quickly shot a few photos on her own and had a lightbulb moment. She’s here, my studio lights are all set up .. maybe, just maybe I can get her to have a portrait with me?!

I gave it a go. First off was a no, I don’t want to.

Then it turned into a .. do I have to?

Until .. finally, she settled and became interested in the shutter sound the camera was making .. or the ghostie stood next to it like cats do when staring at something invisible to us. I didn’t care, she was looking in the direction of the camera, hallelujah!

So we here we are, my first and hopefully not my last portrait with my cat Miss Fliss, she’s very cute, a killer and her love comes with claws.

Would you like a portrait with your pet? It’s not easy, takes treats and bribes but .. I’m putting it out there. Have a portrait with your pet, maybe it’s something you’ll love. Get in touch if you’re interested.